You can manage which users, groups or machines are able to use the floating licenses from your server by editing your “peregrinel.opt” options file on the license server.

The RESERVE and EXCLUDE keywords can be used to reserve or exclude licenses for given user(s) and/or groups of work stations. Here are some example commands:

To reserve one Yeti Render license for a user called “colin” you would add the following line to the file

RESERVE 1 yeti_r user colin

To reserve 4 Yeti Render licenses for a group of users you would use

GROUP lightingteam sara colin simon liam
RESERVE 4 yeti_r group lightingteam

To reserve 5 Yeti Render licenses for specific rendering servers

HOST_GROUP renderservers render01 render02 render03 render04 render05
RESERVE 5 yeti_r host_group renderboxes

Any reserved licences are not available for other users.

The EXCLUDE keyword will prevent the specified user(s) or workstations from using a type of license.

To prevent a group of users from taking a Yeti Render license you would use

GROUP animationteam liam gill kirsten
EXCLUDE yeti_r group animationteam