The rlm server contains an embedded Web Server which can be used to perform most administration of the rlm server itself. The web server allows you to retrieve server and license status (similar to rlmstat), cause the servers to re-read the license files (rlmreread), switch debug (rlmswitch) or report log (rlmswitchr) files, move the current report log file to a new name (rlmnewlog), or shut down the license servers (rlmdown). Using this web-based interface, you can administer the license servers from any platform, and you do not need to install the rlm utilities - you only need a web browser.

The web server is started automatically on port 5054 when rlm is started. To use the web server, simply point your browser to: 


and select the operation you would like to perform. You will be prompted for any required information.

If you would like to run the web server on a different port, specify the -ws NNNNN command-line argument when starting rlm, where NNNNN is the desired port.

The RLM web server is 100% self-contained in the rlm binary; no additional html files are required for operation.