In some situations it’s likely that a client may hold onto a checked out license longer than the lifetime of the application - when Maya crashes for instance. The reason being is that because of the early exit from the application the code used to return the license to the license server was unable to run.

To avoid zombie licenses the TIMEOUT ISV option may be used to tell RLM to release licenses owned by instances that haven’t sent a heartbeat back to the server for the specified amount of time.

You can edit the peregrinel options file by navigating to the RLM web interface and selecting the Status option. Find the peregrinel ISV server and select peregrinel in the Options column. Once editing the options file add TIMEOUT <num seconds> peregrinel - the minimum value for <num seconds> is 3600 ( one hour ).

Once you’re happy with the changes use the Update Options button to save your changes and Reread the server ( to force the options to take effect ).