When you have licensed software from multiple ISVs, you have two choices for how to configure rlm and the ISV servers when running them on a single license server system.

The first choice is to keep them entirely separate, using separate installation directories and port numbers for the client and web interface. Although conceptually simple management and use becomes more complex, the number of used ports are increased and there will be multiple web interfaces to check license usage.

The second choice is to run a single instance rlm, which manages two (or more) ISV servers. This is the method recommended by ourselves and Reprise Software and is much simpler to manage, you only have a single RLM port to be managed and a unified web interface.

To do this you need to make sure you choose the latest version of the RLM license manager supplied by the vendors ( they are backwards compatible ) or better yet, download the latest version from Reprises website.

Copy over the <ISV>[.exe] or <ISV>.set files from all of the vendors.

Copy over all of the .lic ( license ) files supplied by all of the vendors.

Once all of the required files have been copied the RLM server can be started as usual, use the web interface to confirm that all relevant licenses have been accounted for.