A node locked license is bound to, and only usable by, a single workstation which makes installation more striaght forward.

Please note: these licensing instructions are for those who have purchased a Yeti Indie - if you have a Yeti Studio please refer to Floating License Installation.

Once you have obtained a license from our licensing team you will need to copy it into one of the following directories depending on what platform you’re using:

Mac: /Library/Application Support/PeregrineLabs/rlm/
Linux: /var/PeregrineLabs/rlm/
Windows: C:/ProgramData/PeregrineLabs/rlm/

If for some reason the specified directory doesn't exist it is safe to create it ensuring all users of the system will have the correct permissions to access the new location.

Once the license file has been placed in the correct directory the product and it’s components will reference this license file for all of your entitlements.