A license is required to use any of our products, if you don’t have a license they can be purchased via our online store or by requesting a trial.

To be able to issue a license you will need to provide the Peregrine Labs team with relevant system information so that the correct license file can be generated, the most important of which is the host ID.

The host ID is a number that is unique to a specific computer that can be used to identify that machine for licensing purposes. In most cases, the host ID for your system will be the same as the MAC address (The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier for most forms of networking equipment found in your computer) of your primary ethernet device (en0).

There are various methods for retrieving this information, you can download our license tools and use them to query for the host ID or use platform specific methods to determine the correct value.

Once you have the correct host ID this can be provided with your purchase or trial request so we may issue the license, it will be validated upon receipt to make sure it’s in the correct format.