Configuration Files

Yeti 4.0 introduced the concept of presets, a grouping of nodes that can be saved and reused across multiple graphs.  

When presets are saved they are stored in a .yeti directory in the users home, these files can be moved anywhere on the file system to be shared. 

By default Yeti will look at the users .yeti directory for presets, but a YETI_CONFIG_DIRS environment variable (a semicolon separated list) can be set so presets can be stored on a per team, project or department basis.  These override directories will take precedence over the users.

Custom node colors also use the YETI_CONFIG_DIRS to look for global node color settings that will override any saved by the user.

Environment Variables

Below is a list of optional environment variables that can be used to control Yeti’s behaviour.

Please note, these are completely optional and do not need to be set for Yeti to function. 

YETI_HOME - the root directory of the Yeti installation

YETI_TMP - let’s you specify where Yeti will store intermediate files. When Yeti renders it will cache out a temporary file that the rendering DSO will use to generate data - generally you will want these to go into a directory that will be purged often, by default this is a yeti/tmp directory within your projects root directory.

PEREGRINE_LOG_FILE - can be used to specify a log file to store Yeti’s console output, this is a full absolute path.

YETI_GEOCACHE_SIZE - used to specify the maximum amount of memory Yeti should use when caching geometry within Maya in MB (ie. 512 is 512mb)

YETI_TEXTURECACHE_SIZE - used to specify the maximum amount of memory a Yeti node will use when caching textures in MB (ie. 512 is 512mb) Default is 2048.0MB.

YETI_INTERACTIVE_LICENSE - Please only set if you actually need it.  This can be used to disable Yeti interactive licenses.  If set to 0 it will disable Yeti’s ability to check out an interactive license (this means all of the editing features will be disabled), this would be used if you have departments that you may want to limit access to Yeti render licenses only. 

PG_IMAGE_PATH - is a default search path for images/textures. 

YETI_THREAD_COUNT - used to set the number of threads Yeti will use when evaluating a graph.

YETI_TEXTURECACHE_SHARED - controls whether a shared texture cache (including shared search paths) should be used, by default it is 0 which means each node/graph will have it's own unique cache with a value of 1 enabling the shared texture cache.

YETI_CONFIG_DIRS - a semi colon separated list of directories where Yeti will look for presets and node color palettes.

YETI_ARNOLD_SERIAL_INIT (v5.0) - Yeti will now initialize all Arnold procedurals in parallel. This can be used to force the procedural to revert to the previous behaviour of intializing the proceudral serially but defining the variable and setting it's value to 1.