System Requirements

64 bit Windows, Linux or macOS operating system

Nuke 13.2 or higher with a valid license

Plugin Installation

The Bokeh installation process doesn’t assume a specific working directory and relies on the standard Nuke processes for utilizing plug-ins.

Once the Bokeh files have been successfully installed to a directory of your choice append the installation path to your NUKE_PATH environment variable, this will tell Nuke where to find the supplied, and files.

Alternatively you can add the Bokeh installation directory to your plugin path in an file found the .nuke directory in your home directory by adding:

nuke.pluginAddPath( 'C:/ProgramFiles/Bokeh-v1.4.8_Nuke13.2-windows’ )

(assuming you've installed Nuke into C:/ProgramFiles/Bokeh-v1.4.8_Nuke13.2-windows)

Environment Variables

PG_BOKEH_ABORT_ON_LICENSE_FAIL - if set to 1 Bokeh will abort and throw an error vs. render using a watermark.