Samplers are a new way of visually controlling nodes within a graph and can be thought of as visual expression controllers, rather than acting on a data stream they assemble expressions that are validated and compiled into the graph at runtime. 

Any attribute variables referenced in Sampler nodes need to exist in the geometry being processed. 


The Curve node provides a visual representation of a curve that is modulated by the Curve Parameter.

Curve ParameterThe attribute/value that is used to determine the parameter along the curve, this is $strandu by default which is along the length of a fibre.
CurveThe Curve data to be evaluated.


Can be used to build a larger expression to be evaluated, multiple input float and vector parameters can be defined in the Parameters tab and referenced within the expression using $f0..$f3 (for floats) and $v0..$v3 (for vectors).  These input parameters can also be wired up to additional Sampler nodes.

ExpressionThe expression to be evaluated, please refer to Expression Reference for details on the expression language used.
Float and Vector InputsInputs that can be referenced within the expression using $f0..$f3 (for floats) and $v0..$v3 (for vectors). 


A Sampler node that generates noise patterns based on common noise algorithms.  

PositionThe input position for the noise.
TimeAn additional parameter that can be used for 4D noise.
ScaleOverall scale of the noise.
OffsetOffset value for the input.


Noise TypeChoose between noise, cell or fBM noise algorithms.
Input3d or 4d (with time) input.
Output1d (float) or 3d (vector) output.


The texture node is used to sample an external texture image file to drive downstream parameters. 

FileThe input filename which can reference environment variables using the ${ENV} format as well as <UDIM> for different coordinate spaces.  Standard string modifiers can be used to set a frame time, ie. myTexture.%04d.exr on frame 10 would be resolved as myTexture.0010.exr. 
FrameThe desired frame number to use if referenced in the filename.
ChannelsWhat color channel to reference, regardless of mutple or single channels the result will always be a vector. 
U/V CoordinateWhat attribute/value should be used for the texture coordinate.