There may be instances where, when you open the graph editor, only icons and an outliner will be drawn - this happens when Yeti is unable to find a valid Interactive license. 

Here are some potential reasons for this:

  • The licensing is configured incorrectly, either you can't reach the main license server or the license server isn't running
  • All of the interactive licenses have been used by others in your studio and you will need to wait until one becomes available
  • the YETI_INTERACTIVE_LICENSE environment variable is set to 0, this variable can force Yeti to ignore Interactive license requests (Environment Variables & Configuration Files) if set to 0. If this is set on your system either ensure it's 1 or remove it all together (it's not needed by default).
  • If you have recently purchased an UPGRADE license, please make sure that both licenses are available as your original license will need to be available to UPGRADE to the latest version. 

In the event it isn't either of these please reach out to our support team for more help.